Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Faux Ceramic Tiles Tutorial

This tutorial describes a technique known as 'triple embossing'.  Using clear embossing powder, pre-printed images and mountboard, you can create lightweight faux ceramic tiles, perfect for cards and other crafty projects.  Crafty Individuals glossy images are perfect for this, but any printed images work.

What you need
Printed Images
Mountboard (pre-cut squares or scraps)
PVA glue
Glue Spreaders
Seam Roller
Clear Embossing Powder
Versamark/Clear Embossing Ink Pad
Heat Tool
Heavy Duty Scissors (mount board cutter or knife)
Emery Boards/Fine Sandpaper
Marker pens gold leafing pens
Scrap Paper

Choose an image to turn into a tile.

Roughly cut out an image.

Apply some PVA sparingly all over the back of the image.

Stick to a piece of mountboard, avoid any bubbles.

Place a folded up piece of scrap paper over the top and using the seam roller, make sure it is thoroughly stuck down. 

Trim the image and mountboard to the desired size using the heavy duty scissors - this can be done with a knife if you are confident, make sure you use a cutting mat.

At this point if you wish you can distress the edges with the sandpaper or an emery board.

Alternatively you could edge of the mount board tile with a marker pen or metallic leafing pen.

The next part can get hot - like molten jam, so cut yourself a long strip of mountboard with the heavy duty scissors to protect your fingers.

Press the embossing ink over the image until fully covered.

Sprinkle with clear embossing powder over some scrap paper and tip off any excess.

Place the tile on the strip of mountboard to protect your fingers and heat with the heat tool (a few inches away) until melted and transparent.

When cool enough to touch, repeat the embossing process twice more.

You will end up with shiny, lightweight tiles.