Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Student's Work

My ten week Papercrafts class for SNC is over.  It's been hard work preparing all the samples and planning the lessons, but I've had a great time. Some very creative things have been made by my students, they are a wonderfully talented bunch, all with their own style. I took loads of photos, here are a few.

We made lots of Tags and ATCs using different ink and paint techniques and rubberstamping

On the first week I gave each member of the group a couple of end boards and book rings so they could keep an art journal of samples they made during the class (and at home in between) if they wanted.  Here is a musical journal that turned up on the last week, along with rubberstamped feathers, steampunk embellishments and paper roses.
I wish my jounal looked as good!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Special Request

After I posted the miniature collage on the blog, some friends asked me to create an updated version of the labels that they use for their bins with the same kind of idea.  This one is my favourite, and is obviously for the rubbish bin!

The collage was inspired by what was written on the original tag and is made up of scraps of paper and card including pieces of teabag box, bits of Nottingham lace, black gems, tissue tape, stamped images and words along with an iconic image of Eric Morcambe cut out of black paper.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My First Lino Cut and Print

My trademark (sort of) tulip made an appearance in my first ever lino cut - based on a tulip rubber stamp that I use all the time.  Not the most accomplished carving, I certainly need some practice.......

..........and here is the resulting print - in blue of course.  I like the result, not bad for a first go , I think I'm going to enjoy Printmaking.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Something new

Printmaking starts tomorrow and I can't wait!  A few weeks of experimenting with lots of new (to me)  techniques and materials and all as a student not a tutor. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Miniature Collage

'Miniature Collage' is on the menu tonight at college.  Finally finished my samples last night.  We will be using up our little scraps of paper, lace, ribbons, old buttons, book pages and all sorts of lovely things, along with some rubberstamping.