Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

One, Two, Three.

A workshop with Claritystamp left me thoroughly inspired.  Here's what I did next..........

I started off with my new stamp 'Tall Trees' and ended up with three very different pieces.

I've had a Gelli-plate nearly a year now and have a colourful collection of prints pulled from it.

Prints used for paper piecing

I love mixing the prints with inks and stamping and the larger areas in the image of the Tall Trees stamp is perfect for paper piecing and decoupage.  In archival ink, the image was stamped a number of times, once on white stamping card to use as a base image, once on a green print, once on a blue print and once on a black print which had been back filled in the white areas with grey ink using foam.

Some of the different elements of the stamp; sky, trunks and ground were cut out and stuck down with a wet glue.  The canopy was cut out and positioned with dimensional glue.  The final piece was mounted onto another print.

On Clarity card the Tall Trees stamp was stamped with black dye ink.  Once dry I used the Texture Stamps 'dots' to make short work of some pointillism - stamping more than one dot of a time, with a selection of lovely coloured dye ink.

Brown, green, grey and blue inks

Texture Stamps - I used the dots only on this occasion

Where necessary I used the Tall Trees masks and Post-its to prevent colouring the wrong area.

Stamping the background with the trees masked

I really like the effect and how the final piece came out.

When I first saw the Tall Trees stamp it made me think of 20's and 30's pottery designs, so my final piece is inspired by the colours of Clarice Cliff.

Using fine line felt nibbed pens, the open areas of the stamp were filled with lined zentangle.  A really easy technique which is basically doodling.