Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Experimenting with paper, inks, stamps, paints, fabrics, stitches, metal..........

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Polymer Clay Workshop

Some of my first crafty projects years ago, involved Fimo polymer clay and lately I have been marvelling at the amazing effects in Donna Kato's book 'The Art of Polymer Clay, Millefiori Techniques' very pretty, although way above my skill level.

A new class 'Polymer Clay Tiles' at the new location for The Craft Studio in Nottingham, seemed more my thing, so I signed up!

Yet another lovely group of Crafters arrived for the class, and we immediately set about softening up our clay with, and, as is traditional at The Craft Studio, a good cup of tea.  Meanwhile the very talented tutor Brit Wellens showed us some samples and some of the equipment and moulds we would be using during the evening, as well as sharing with us the wisdom of 'dirty' clay colours, allowing us to make the most of mica powder highlights later on.

Inspired by Brit's samples and the amazing selection of mica colours, we got to work rolling out our clay, pressing it into moulds, creating texture with moulding mats and cutting our tiles.

An application of mica powders from an amazing choice of different colours and the tiles were ready to cure.

At home you would probably cure your clay in the oven, at the studio, we used our Melt Pots - I'm always pleased to find another use for mine and they are perfect for small projects like these.

I am really pleased with the results, they are perfect for use as embellishments on loads of projects.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I'm sure it will be running again, along with a polymer clay beads class also tutored by Brit.

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